Why Wisdom Teeth Are So Susceptible To Infection

Wisdom Teeth

Located in the rear of the mouth, our wisdom teeth generally make an appearance between the ages of 17 and 25. Also referred to as our third molars, they once aided early humans in breaking down chewy meats and raw vegetables. As is the case with any of our other […]

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Miss Brushing Your Teeth a Few Times?


Forgetting to brush your teeth every once in a while is a fact of life. Maybe you fell asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up until morning. Or perhaps you struggle to brush your teeth regularly due to a health condition that makes hygiene tasks more challenging. Whatever is […]

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Are Electric Toothbrushes Damaging Your Teeth?

Electric Toothbrushes

Besides brushing every day, it’s also necessary to use the right toothbrush and follow the proper brushing technique that helps reach small spaces and gets rid of foods and acidic build-up. Both perform the function of brushing, their cost, ease of use, safety, and size could certainly play a role […]

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The At-Home Whitening Method Most People Prefer

At-Home Whitening

Whitening your smile can be achieved through teeth whitening options available in a dental office, but the ease of at-home teeth whitening products makes it a popular choice for many people. An exclusive Health Digest survey has discovered the ways that people prefer to whiten their teeth at home. Extrinsic […]

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Things Dentists Learn About You By Inspecting Your Teeth


Your teeth are with you every moment of the day. They are there for every bite of food, every sip of drink, and every word spoken. Though most people may not realize it, your teeth are a record of your lifestyle. Dentists are trained to recognize flaws and issues with […]

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Tips To Keep Up Your Dental Health On A Long Vacation


Going on a long vacation is exciting. You can look forward to experiencing something wild, something different, nothing like your everyday life! While some people manage to stick to their oral routine during their vacation, others tend to stray away from it. When you don’t brush or floss regularly for […]

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Look After Your Teeth This Christmas


It’s that time of year again when Christmas is just around the corner. Presents, food and family time fill up our calendars and before we know it, New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. Whilst many people will be eager to start fresh in the new year, this isn’t always […]

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The Most Effective Tooth-Cleaning Tools? ADA Recommends


Not all oral hygiene products are created equal You could spend a small fortune on home dental care if you believed the ads, but research from the American Dental Association (ADA) shows, for the average patient, following your dentist’s and hygienist’s advice is all you need: Brush your teeth twice a […]

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What Health Problems Can Crooked Teeth Cause?

Crooked Teeth

Health Risks of Crooked Teeth With crooked teeth, it is harder to brush and floss. This leaves room for bacteria to accumulate in uneven spaces. The misalignment of your teeth makes it harder for the toothbrush to reach every nook and corner of your mouth and even harder for floss […]

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