Oral Analgesics for Acute Dental Pain

Acute Pain

Acute pain is pain that is provoked by disease or injury, and is associated with musculoskeletal spasm and nervous system activation. While acute pain often resolves, pain that lasts longer than 3 months is considered to be chronic. Acute orofacial pain can result from pathological conditions, underlying disease processes, and/or […]

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Teeth-Whitening Treatments While Pregnant?

Teeth-Whitening Treatments

Professional teeth-whitening treatments involve bleaching one’s teeth to have them appear more white in color. Typically performed in a dental office, some dentists offer patients take-home kits. Alternatively, many drug stores sell name-brand teeth-whitening products in the form of adhesive strips, gel pens, and more. “Teeth-whitening products are generally pretty safe […]

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Why Straight Teeth Are Important For Your Health

Straight Teeth

Straight teeth improve your smile, which boosts your confidence and enhances your quality of life. Studies highlight that people associate straight teeth with happiness, health, and higher intellect. Let’s read about the benefits of having perfectly aligned teeth. The benefits of straight teeth A set of straight teeth can help […]

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Miss Brushing Your Teeth a Few Times?


Forgetting to brush your teeth every once in a while is a fact of life. Maybe you fell asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up until morning. Or perhaps you struggle to brush your teeth regularly due to a health condition that makes hygiene tasks more challenging. Whatever is […]

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When Should You See A Dentist For Tooth Pain?

Tooth Pain

If you’re someone who has managed to avoid instances of tooth pain throughout your life, consider yourself lucky. Over two-fifths of American adults have reported experiencing some form of mouth pain, including cavities and gum disease. Despite being preventable, cavities affect over 90% of American adults, according to the Centers […]

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