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Colgate Optic White Launches New Teeth Whitening Products


Visiting a dentist for a professional teeth whitening treatment isn’t always in the cards — sometimes it doesn’t fit within your busy schedule or budget. But there are plenty of at-home alternatives to choose from, including two products from Colgate Optic White that just launched: a LED whitening kit that’s powered by your […]

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Stop Flossing After Brushing Your Teeth


Switching up our daily habits can be challenging. Especially if we’ve been doing something a certain way for years. For instance, there’s advice that you shouldn’t rinse your teeth with water after brushing. And now another new dental hygiene tip that’s circulating across TikTok says you should floss your teeth before you brush […]

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How Should You Brush Your Teeth?

Brush Your Teeth

Brush your teeth is something we all should do twice every single day. Or least should be doing. But, according to experts, many of us have actually been doing it completely wrong. With more people than ever skipping their routine dental checkups over the past few years due to COVID, it […]

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