January 23, 2023

Things Dentists Learn About You By Inspecting Your Teeth


Your teeth are with you every moment of the day. They are there for every bite of food, every sip of drink, and every word spoken. Though most people may not realize it, your teeth are a record of your lifestyle.

Dentists are trained to recognize flaws and issues with your teeth, and as a consequence, they are able to tell certain things about your lifestyle at a glance. Fear not, though; the vast majority of dental issues can be solved with lifestyle adjustments, good oral hygiene that prevents problems before they start, and expert dental treatment if necessary. Here are three things your dentist knows about you from the moment you open your mouth.

Your Brushing and Flossing Routine

Dentists always asks if you’ve done proper tooth maintenance – brushing, flossing, etc. –  between visits. But this is largely a formality; the moment you open your mouth, your dentist can see if you’ve been keeping up your oral hygiene. Poor brushing habits and lack of flossing can lead to puffy, sensitive gums that bleed at the slightest touch. Sensitive gums are more prone to infection. Also, a lack of flossing is easily visible in bits of food and other debris visible between your teeth, and more subtly, in cavities that develop in these gaps. Keeping the space between your teeth clean is essential to preventing cavities that attack them from the sides, in places not easily visible. For this and many other reasons, don’t shirk daily brushing and flossing.

Your Bad Habits

If you grind your teeth or clench your jaw too much, this results in a pattern of wear that is easily visible on your molars. Dentists will be able to see how some portions of enamel have eroded away. In some cases, so much enamel is gone that the dentin underneath is exposed. Teeth grinding can be due to stress, in which case addressing the causes of your stress may help prevent further damage to your teeth. It can also be done unconsciously while you sleep, which is a condition called bruxism.


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