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Increased Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease

In recent years, the importance of perioperative oral management has increased and is recommended for patients with malignancies, pulmonary diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and cardiovascular diseases. The association between oral management and malignancies, pulmonary diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases has been extensively reported, with the consensus that patients benefit from perioperative oral […]

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Stop Flossing After Brushing Your Teeth


Switching up our daily habits can be challenging. Especially if we’ve been doing something a certain way for years. For instance, there’s advice that you shouldn’t rinse your teeth with water after brushing. And now another new dental hygiene tip that’s circulating across TikTok says you should floss your teeth before you brush […]

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Miss Brushing Your Teeth a Few Times?


Forgetting to brush your teeth every once in a while is a fact of life. Maybe you fell asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up until morning. Or perhaps you struggle to brush your teeth regularly due to a health condition that makes hygiene tasks more challenging. Whatever is […]

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Do Your Teeth Hurt During Winter?


The cold weather not also dries out your skin, but it can also increase your risk for dental problems. Many people tend to get worried about increased teeth’ sensitivity before winter sets in. Remember to take a few precautions and tips listed below to avoid tooth pain during winter and […]

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Things Dentists Learn About You By Inspecting Your Teeth


Your teeth are with you every moment of the day. They are there for every bite of food, every sip of drink, and every word spoken. Though most people may not realize it, your teeth are a record of your lifestyle. Dentists are trained to recognize flaws and issues with […]

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