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One More Reason To Brush Your Teeth?


Maybe we should add toothbrushes to the bouquet of flowers we bring to friends and family members in the hospital — and make sure to pack one if we wind up there ourselves.New Harvard-led research published online in JAMA Internal Medicine suggests seriously ill hospitalized patients are far less likely to develop hospital-acquired pneumonia if their […]

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Television In Dental Offices Transform Patient Engagement


Whether patients arrive for a dental cleaning, teeth whitening or other routine procedures or need emergency treatment for broken or abscessed teeth, dental visits can be stressful. In fact, one study found that more than one-third of people experienced dental anxiety. It’s common for dental clinics to have televisions in the […]

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Understanding Causes And Solutions For Loose Teeth

Loose Teeth

Loose teeth present a problem, affecting children and adults and often indicating an underlying issue demanding immediate attention. Whether it’s the wobbliness of a child’s tooth or the unexpected movement of an adult’s permanent teeth, recognizing the causes and exploring viable solutions is paramount for safeguarding oral health and averting potential […]

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Dental Benefits And Detriments To Coffee And Tea

Coffee and Tea

Most people—especially here in the Pacific Northwest—enjoy starting the morning off with a nice cup of coffee or tea. But many of us haven’t given much thought to how this morning ritual affects our teeth. The fact that coffee and tea can cause staining is fairly well-known, but do tea and coffee […]

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Is Mouth Breathing Bad For Your Teeth?

Mouth Breathing

Dental hygiene is important for overall wellness, but are your breathing habits affecting your oral health? If you’re breathing through your mouth, this might be the case, according to Dianne Sefo, clinical associate professor and chair of the Dental Hygiene and Dental Assisting department at NYU. “Mouth breathing can impact […]

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When Is Tooth Removal The Right Option?

Tooth Removal

Once a natural tooth is gone, it’s final. But saving broken-down teeth is possible if you use proper buildups followed by proven restorative procedures. Dr. Gordon Christensen outlines what to consider. Is the patient serious about keeping their teeth? I don’t suggest trying to convince a doubting patient to keep […]

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Things Dentist’s Don’t Ever Do To Their Teeth

Dentist's Don't

Brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist regularly — we all know the pillars of good dental hygiene. But knowing them and maintaining them are two different things. Nearly 50% of people above 30 have signs of gum disease and 26% of adults have untreated cavities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and […]

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