January 18, 2024

Color Of Your Teeth & The State Of Your Health

Colored Teeth

They’re often seen as a beauty ideal with some paying thousands for the perfect smile – but did you know the color of your gnashers can actually point to hidden health conditions? We all strive for a perfect set of pearly-white teeth, and it doesn’t take a dental degree to know they can often be a harbinger of good or bad teeth. But according to guidance, some teeth can turn very particular hues as an omen of specific ailments. Working out the meaning behind different shades of the color of your teeth can help identify conditions and diseases. Yellow teeth are the most common indicator of poor health.

Yellow Teeth

Browning or yellowing teeth are often associated with smokers, but can also result from something within your body. Teeth already naturally yellow as we get older and the enamel starts to wear down, exposing the core beneath. Dr Khaled Kasem told The Sun that yellow is “the most common colour” for stained teeth, and can be brought about by both smoking and our diets. Tea, coffee and cola can all yellow our teeth over time. He said: “It can also be an indication that you’re not paying enough attention to your oral health care routine, and need to make sure you’re flossing, brushing and attending regular dental health care check-ups.” Brits should make sure they’re keeping up with good oral hygiene, brushing twice a day for two minutes at a time, to keep them white.

Grey Teeth

Teeth can sometimes have a grey appearance because of the material used to fill a cavity. But otherwise turning grey is a serious warning and shouldn’t be ignored. It means the blood supply to that tooth has cut off, and it will likely need to be removed. Again, this could be as a result of nerve damage from an injury which discolours over time. “Seeking dental advice will properly address the issue and make a plan to restore the appearance of the teeth,” Dr Khaled said.

Toothache, bleeding gums and extreme sensitivity are also signs of decay. When spotted early, tooth decay can be sorted with the help of a dental hygienist. But left too long and it may be too late, resulting in teeth being pulled out.

Teeth whitening can help with many issues around discoloured teeth, provided they’re not badly damaged. Dr Khaled said everyone should look after their teeth with regular brushing, flossing and avoiding smoking or too many teeth-staining food and drinks.

While there are many at-home techniques for whitening, he added that getting it done professionally at a dentist’s or cosmetic dental surgery were the safest and most effective way of restoring a bright, white smile.


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