Understanding Causes And Solutions For Loose Teeth

Loose Teeth

Loose teeth present a problem, affecting children and adults and often indicating an underlying issue demanding immediate attention. Whether it’s the wobbliness of a child’s tooth or the unexpected movement of an adult’s permanent teeth, recognizing the causes and exploring viable solutions is paramount for safeguarding oral health and averting potential […]

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When Is Tooth Removal The Right Option?

Tooth Removal

Once a natural tooth is gone, it’s final. But saving broken-down teeth is possible if you use proper buildups followed by proven restorative procedures. Dr. Gordon Christensen outlines what to consider. Is the patient serious about keeping their teeth? I don’t suggest trying to convince a doubting patient to keep […]

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6 Tips To Up Your Dental Home Care Game

Dental Home Care

Following these six straightforward suggestions for dental home care can improve your oral health Going to the dentist does not rank among many people’s favorite things to do. However, regular appointments with your hygienist are critical to your oral health. If going to the dentist is not your favorite, here […]

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