April 11, 2024

Television In Dental Offices Transform Patient Engagement


Whether patients arrive for a dental cleaning, teeth whitening or other routine procedures or need emergency treatment for broken or abscessed teeth, dental visits can be stressful. In fact, one study found that more than one-third of people experienced dental anxiety. It’s common for dental clinics to have televisions in the waiting rooms or treatment rooms to offer patients a distraction. But research shows that some programming, including the news, can increase stress. “It’s important to us to provide a calming, positive experience for our patients from the moment they walk in the door,” says Allison Marrow, director of growth at Jefferson Dental. “Many patients are stressed or in pain, so we had to find programming for our lobby TVs that would put them at ease.”

Promoting positive messaging

Televisions are “significant elements of the waiting room environment” and command more attention than posters, brochures or other static images. Screens are also an essential source of entertainment for dental patients who are receiving deep cleanings or having cavities filled and might be in the office for a few hours.

“Having something playing on the TV that’s engaging, entertaining and educational makes the visit go by faster and improves our patients’ overall experience,” says Marrow.

Television programming offers more than just entertainment; digital content is also effective for sharing health messages. Jefferson Dental has included content about the importance of good oral health, before and after photos of patients who received orthodontia or teeth whitening and information about the latest technology like dental lasers that can drastically improve gum health in just 5 minutes. The content often includes calls to action such as, “Ask your hygienist if you’re a candidate for laser treatment.” “Digital signage helps encourage our patients to ask questions about their oral health, starting conversations they wouldn’t have otherwise started had they not seen that information,” Marrow says. “We see UPshow CONNECT as a great way to capture the attention of a captive audience in our locations and share relevant, timely content that resonates with our patients and keeps them engaged.”


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