Why Good Dental Hygiene Is Important Beyond Your Teeth

Dental Hygiene

Taking care of your dental hygiene can do more than prevent cavities.  According to Dr. Martinna Bertolini, an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and more have been linked to dental health. The same bacteria that causes problems in oral cavities, and are typically only found in […]

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Dentist Shares 3 Times You Should Not Brush Your Teeth

When to Brush

A dentist’s TikTok video has gone viral, advising when it’s best to hold off on brushing your teeth, contrary to instinct. Dr Shaadi Manouchehri, clinical director at Smart Dental Aesthetics and director at the London School of Facial Esthetics, created a stir by suggesting avoiding brushing after certain events, like vomiting, sparking a conversation online […]

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Straightening teeth? AI Can Help


A new tool being developed by the University of Copenhagen and 3Shape will help orthodontists correctly fit braces onto teeth. Using AI and virtual patients, the tool predicts how teeth will move, so as to ensure that braces are neither too loose nor too tight. Many of us remember the feeling of having our braces regularly […]

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Are Kids Getting More Cavities?

Kid Cavities

The Care Quest Institute for Oral Health reports that “early childhood caries remains the most common, preventable infectious disease among children in the United States.”Every year during the month, I visit preschools and kindergartens to get kids excited about brushing, cleaning in between their teeth, making healthy choices with what they eat and drink, and visiting the […]

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Using A Water Flosser for Oral Health

Water Flosser

The notion of water flossing is one that swirled around me for years—most loudly touted by my sister who is self-admittedly lazy with string flossing. But oral irrigators (as they are also known) weren’t a part of my family’s teeth-cleaning regimen until my 11-year-old got her braces. After she was outfitted with her bright turquoise […]

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Experts Don’t Recommend Rinsing Your Teeth After Brushing


Have you always rinsed your teeth with water after brushing them? If so, we recommend taking that step out of your routine because there are actually some benefits to leaving that extra bit of toothpaste on your teeth. I used to rinse after brushing my teeth — even going back over them with a wet […]

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Sleepers Grind Their Teeth Here’s Why And How To Stop

Teeth Grinding

Nearly a third of U.S. adults experience anxiety disorder at some time in their lives. And anxiety is frequently connected to sleep related problems, keeping people from falling asleep, and creating a cycle of insomnia, stress, and worry, according to research from the Sleep Foundation. But what’s less discussed is teeth grinding, a growing and silent public health issue […]

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