March 28, 2024

How to Fix a Chipped Tooth?

Chipped Tooth

If you just had a chipped or fractured tooth, you may be wondering, “how to fix a chipped tooth?’ There are various cosmetic solutions available to restore your smile to it’s original condition. If a tooth is extensively chipped as a result of massive damage, you might want the broken tooth repaired to preserve your dental aesthetics and avoid a severe bacterial attack caused by huge gaps in the chipped teeth. A fractured tooth can be caused by a variety of factors, including accidents such as a hit to the head or a fall, as well as something less spectacular, such as biting down on a cube of ice, a piece of hard candy or similar unyielding food, or just grinding the teeth at night.

How To Fix a Chipped Tooth Remedies at Night

Dental Wax

If the chipped tooth is pointy or features a rough edge, you may want to visit the pharmacy and get a temporary tooth restoration kit or dental wax. Dental Wax will cover and harden the sharp edges, allowing you to eat on them. This treatment is not permanent, and it will eventually fall out. Furthermore, putting dental wax on it may place you in danger of getting sick or further harm if the chip is caused by a cavity or decay.

Root Canal

If the chip in the tooth is so severe that it is deemed a fracture and extends all the way into the pulp, your dentist may decide whether a root canal remains the most effective treatment option for you. This is due to the possibility that the nerve damage to the tooth has already been irreversible. Throughout a root canal, all of the tooth’s roots and pulp are removed.


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