June 13, 2024

How Green Are Your Teeth?


In the face of the escalating global waste crisis, where millions of toothbrushes end up in landfills annually, SURI has emerged as an innovator of sustainable practice in the dental care industry and going green. The London-based toothbrush brand recently announced a successful $7.5 million in a Series A funding round, underlining investor confidence in eco-friendly business models.

SURI’s Commitment to Sustainability

SURI has made significant strides in reducing plastic waste through its innovative toothbrush design. The company’s products are crafted from biodegradable and recyclable materials, designed to minimise environmental impact without compromising on quality or user experience. This commitment to sustainability extends beyond the products themselves to encompass their entire lifecycle, including packaging and disposal.

The Business Model and Practice

Founded on the principle of sustainability, SURI operates a subscription-based model, which ensures that users receive a new, eco-friendly toothbrush head every few months. This model not only encourages consistent revenue streams but also promotes regular replacement of toothbrush heads, which is crucial for maintaining oral health and reducing bacterial build-up. Moreover, the subscription service includes a recycling program for used toothbrush heads, to ensure their responsible disposal.

This choice of investors reflects a strong endorsement of SURI’s business model and its scalability. The funding will be instrumental in expanding production, enhancing distribution capabilities, and further developing the product line to meet the increasing consumer demand for sustainable products.


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