May 20, 2024

Using A Water Flosser for Oral Health

Water Flosser

The notion of water flossing is one that swirled around me for years—most loudly touted by my sister who is self-admittedly lazy with string flossing. But oral irrigators (as they are also known) weren’t a part of my family’s teeth-cleaning regimen until my 11-year-old got her braces. After she was outfitted with her bright turquoise braces, we were sent home with a care packet and a recommendation from the dentist to get a water flosser to help her keep her teeth clean with all this new hardware in her mouth—and so our deep dive into water flossing began. I have found amongst friends and family that people that love their water flossers really love them and are #TeamWaterFlosser all the way citing the way using oral irrigators leaves your mouth feeling just so darn clean. “It feels like I power washed my teeth!” raves my sister.

What to consider when buying a water flosser

How you will use it

“The best product is the product you will use.” says Lovatos. “So if you think you will be more compliant with water flossing in the shower, you’ll need a waterproof one. If you are frequently traveling, you’ll want a compact one that can travel with you. If you prefer a device that has multiple tips and power modes, you likely would benefit from one that is a bit ‘heavy-duty’ that sits on your counter,” says Lovato. In short, look for something that fits you and your lifestyle.

Cordless vs countertop

Many water flossers are handheld and either powered by batteries or a charger. What are called “tank flossers” sit on your countertop, plug into an outlet offering more power in terms of intensity and setting options, and come with a larger reservoir from which your “wand” or flosser extends. “I prefer corded versus portable,” says Dr. Esmeralda Diaz Marcantel, a Florida-based DDS. “They have more power, and for me, the larger reservoir equals to more time flossing which hopefully equals to better results,” she says.

The drawback to the countertop versions is that they take up more visible space but offer more ease because you don’t have to refill your flosser every time. Depending on your bathroom set up and what you need from your irrigator will help you decide which is best for you.


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