June 10, 2024

Energy Drinks Can Damage Teen’s Teeth

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks can contribute to tooth decay and other dental problems, according to a study in the US. Researchers at the Southern Illinois University found that the acidity of common energy drinks can erode tooth enamel, the outer covering of teeth. Damage to teeth caused by energy drinks was evident in some cases in as little as five days, a worrying result for parents considering the increasing popularity of energy drinks among young people. In the study researchers replicated the consumption an energy drink by immersing tooth enamel in liquid for a period of 15 minutes, then submerging it in artificial saliva for two hours and then repeating the process. Spokesperson of the Academy of General Dentistry in the US Jennifer Bone recommends that people minimise their intake of sports and energy drinks, adding that they should chew sugar-free gum or rinse the mouth with water following consumption of the drinks.

“Both tactics increase saliva flow, which naturally helps to return the acidity levels in the mouth to normal,” she told media.

The sale of energy drinks in Australia is big business, with the industry valued at around $3 billion each year.

The high level of sugar in energy drinks ia also a concern for health professionals, with some brands containing more than double the daily recommended intake of sugar.

Earlier this year the AMA called for the banning of the sale of energy drinks to children.


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