August 18, 2022

Your Hygienist Wants You To Use A Water Flosser

Water Flosser


A water flosser is an especially practical investment for anyone

“Dental floss, picks and tape are all designed to scrape between the teeth, removing any debris. However, they can be hard to use – particularly if you have had crowns or braces fitted, or if you have sensitive gums which are prone to bleeding. Many people also find it difficult to use traditional flossing tools to get to each individual tooth, particularly at the back of the mouth.”

What is a water flosser?

According to Azizi, many people find a water flosser much easier to use for a deeper, more satisfying clean. “These devices work by spraying a high pressure jet of water between your teeth to remove food and bacteria. Water flossers come with a refillable water tank so you are able to constantly spray water as you move around your mouth, and most have a variety of tips to suit.”

The most advanced flossers out there come with variable water pressure settings (good news for those with sensitive gums) and some have features for cleaning your tongue. “All come with replaceable tips so that they can be used by different members of the family, and there are varied tips to suit those who have braces and who have had implants,” adds Azizi.

What to look for in a water flosser

Some flossers are much sleeker than others, so check the size of the water tank if you don’t fancy making yours the centrepiece of your bathroom. Some are cordless (easy) while others are not (potentially annoying). And if you’ve got braces or implants, be sure to invest in a model with specialist tips that’ll allow you to reach into those tight spots.

How to use a water flosser

Using your water flosser correctly is important: wield with abandon, and chaos will ensue. However, it’s also fairly easy: simply fill the tank, then place the tip of the flosser inside your mouth before turning it on.


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