Choices For Fixing Cavities

Fixing Cavities

Choices for fillings has its pros and cons, and your dentist has choices available when fixing cavities. Amalgam You may have seen silver, or amalgam, fillings. These fillings are a mixture of mercury, silver, tin, copper, and very small amounts of other metals. Usually amalgam fillings are used on the […]

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Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays can detect problems that would be missed by just looking in your mouth ▪an infection in your tooth or tooth root; ▪cavities between teeth or under fillings; ▪trouble with teeth and jaw development in children and teens who are getting their permanent teeth; ▪bone loss from severe gum […]

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Seven Dental Mistakes You Might Be Making And How To Fix Them

Dental Mistakes

Healthy teeth and gums will brighten your smile It’s been instilled in us since day one: brushing your teeth twice a day will help keep the dentist away. But it’s easy to go overboard on the brushing, fret about staining, or make silly – and potentially harmful  dental mistakes. To […]

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Smart Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Smart Snacks

Encourage your kids to eat smart snacks Getting your kids to eat smart snacks like fruit, veggies and yogurt instead of candy, chips and ice cream might feel like pulling teeth. But it’s important to encourage them to eat smart snacks to keep their teeth – and body – healthy. […]

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