Dental Care Checklist for Adults


Don’t let dental visits slide! Adult life can sometimes be a juggling act and it may feel like you just can’t find the time for a dental visit. But making time for regular dental visits now can help keep you out of the dental office in the future. Brush and floss daily, even if it’s late. You’ve […]

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Hot Beverages Contribute to Tooth Staining

Tooth Staining

Estimates suggest that annually Americans consume 45 million pounds of caffeine and hot coffee and teas are the most popular sources for the legal psychoactive stimulant drug. Both beverages are associated with having dental health perks as black coffee has been found to lower acid levels on teeth, reducing the odds of cavity development and […]

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How Can You Prevent Spreading Germs That Cause Sickness?

Spreading Germs

There was a time when people got sick and no one knew why. They didn’t know that germs invisible to the naked eye were common. It was 1676 when the first bacteria was discovered. And it was 1898 when the first virus was observed and noted by scientists. Scientists also learned fungi and protozoa were […]

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Ramgopal Dental – Keeping Patients Safe

Corona Virus

In light of the Corona Virus, we would like to assure all our patients that our office is taking all precautions possible and continuing with our strict sterilization process as well as all other preventative measures to keep our patients and staff safe.  What dental practitioners need to know CDA is closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 […]

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