Smart Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Smart Snacks

Encourage your kids to eat smart snacks Getting your kids to eat smart snacks like fruit, veggies and yogurt instead of candy, chips and ice cream might feel like pulling teeth. But it’s important to encourage them to eat smart snacks to keep their teeth – and body – healthy. Whether you’re transitioning your older […]

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Is It Snoring Or Sleep Apnea?


About 80 million people in North America are snoring in their sleep, and approximately 12 million Americans have sleep apnea. So what’s the difference, and why does it matter? – Snoring Snoring is caused by the vibration of the soft palate and uvula, occurring when the airway becomes obstructed during sleep. Several things can obstruct […]

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Importance of Good Dental Hygiene Stretches Beyond a Smile

dental hygiene

Teeth are one of the busiest organs of the human body-Dental Hygiene Our recklessness often neglects our oral health (dental health) in eating habits and hygiene routines. Our overall well-being is dependent upon our dental hygiene. A single shred of bacteria can set our whole body in pain and jeopardy as many organs get affected […]

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Your Healthy Family: Questions to ask your dentist before dental implants

Dental Implants

As good as dental implants are, they should never be a replacement for natural teeth But Dr. Fred Guerra, DMD with Guerra Dental in Colorado Springs tells me, even if you take impeccable care of your teeth and gums you may still find yourself missing a tooth or teeth and in need of implants.You can […]

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Helping Kids Combat Cavities


In dentistry, children and cavities seem to go hand in hand.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 28 percent of children ages two through five have at least one dental cavity, compared to 24 percent a decade ago. Although a four-percent difference may not seem like a lot, that increase represents thousands […]

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The Connection Between Asthma And Oral Health

Asthma and Oral health

People with asthma are almost one fifth more likely to experience gum disease Roughly 235 million people around the globe experience asthma — an inflammatory disease that narrows and inflames the airways, therefore resulting in symptoms like difficulty breathing, wheezing, coughing, and tightening of the chest. This condition can also cause dry mouth, which can […]

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How Fixing Your Teeth Could Be The Key To A Youthful Face

Fixing Your Teeth

Dr. Sam Muslin  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could take years off of your appearance with a quicker and less painful procedure that would ensure long-lasting results?-Fixing your Teeth Absolutely! Aging takes a toll on your body and face. Your skin loses its elasticity and tone. You may notice blotchiness or dryness. However, your […]

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